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We conduct qualitative and quantitative market and consumer research, as needed, to achieve our clients' goals. Depending on scope, projects can take a few days to a few months, from on-line interviews to a comprehensive situational analysis or usage & attitude studies. Based on findings, we work with our clients to develop new strategies and plans. Ultimately we add rigor to, guide, and reduce risks associated with decisions.




We can help you turn unanswered questions into designed research studies—from simple to complex. We will consult on risks and trade-offs of research design and budget constraints and we can be provide “researcher to researcher” interface with your market research team, if you have one—and if not we can be your outsourced market research experts.


We work on research, business and digital strategies in: building materials, healthcare, transport, retail, health, beauty, consumer products, utilities, hospitality and tourism, food and software in North America, Europe and Asia.